In the midst of chaos

Ive been back from Hawaii for about three weeks. Once again I had this mysterious premonition to leave Hawaii on a random date as I did in New Zealand a year ago. Two weeks after my departure orders to self quarantine. On March 2, when I returned home, things seemed normal. Restaurants were open, and commerce was booming, then the media changed everything. Lock downs of entire cities were in mandate. Life as I knew it had grown strange, unfamiliar instantaneously.

The social media, particularly Facebook, which I had recently reactivated after 5 months hiatus, had gone wild with the atmosphere of doubt and conspiracy, intertwined with fear. A large part was due to the divisive president downplaying the crisis and assuring Americans that everything was under control, after later admitting that he knew all along, even before it started that it was a pandemic. He had been gaslighting his own base up to only a week ago when he suddenly changed his tune and addressed the nation with his somber, message that it was serious and that they were doing everything possible to stop the increasing rates of infections. Even then, he continued with his false rhetoric that a vaccine was weeks away when it was still likely months away!

So back to the conspiracy. Yes, the virus is killing people rapidly, and one conspiracy that it was a fabricated virus shot down by scientific comparison of this present strain with past strains of corona virus. But, does it have to be fabricated to be used maliciously for political gain? Was it plausible, that a third party in China knew the the source they had was infected with a naturally occurring variant that they new was deadly by someone locally infected? Could such evil be lurking on this planet? My instinct despite the chaos and confusion was that no one could be that evil. That this was merely a consequence of human exploitation of wild animals infected with the wild card of viruses.

Chaos emerged rapidly in the stock market in direct response to daily announcements in the White House, with a massive sell off. The Dow Jones that was above 29,000, plummeted below 20,000 losing all its gains over the last three years. The greatest question remained. Was this real? Was this someone’s devious plot to upset the elections only 8 months away? The timing of all of this came coincidentally with Trump’s acquittal by the GOP majority senate on December 18, 2019. It became clear that the Constitutional checks and balances had failed. We knew the outcome of the Impeachment Trial before it began, but did someone know about the so called Wuhan corona virus? After watching the entire series of Burn Notice, I could not help but find the timing of this crisis extraordinarily disturbing. Could humans be so evil as to release a deadly strain of virus on the world to “dethrone” an individual who saw himself in the light of oligarchs such as Kim Jung Un and Vladimir Putin. It became clear after the impeachment that Trump was untouchable while everyone around him was being convicted.

Conspiracy theory was the very thing that lead to the “perfect” phone call with Volodymyr Zelensky, elected the recent 6th president of Ukraine. Trump clearly and deliberately had held up military aid to Ukraine, who had been our ally and had been at war with Russia since February, 2014 to the present, demanding the president provide information on Hunter Biden’s controversial business with Ukraine during Joe Biden’s term as Vice President in the Obama administration. There never was any evidence. In Trump’s own words, it was a ‘hoax’. His hopes to hinder his political rival, Joe Biden in the 2020 presidential elections were squashed by a single ‘whistle blower’ on the inside.

Despite the overwhelming piles of evidence that supported the Democrat’s abuse of power article of impeachment, and his blatant obstruction of congress, he gave the country his middle finger. The trial lead by GOP majority leader, Mitch McConnell in December 2019 was a sham. The GOP provided no intelligible arguments to justify the President’s phone call or his stonewalling of Congress, acknowledging that he did withhold military funding, and was entitled to do it. It set the precedent for every future president to do what ever it took to win the election. It was now ok to allow foreign government to intervene in our elections. Regardless of this sinister action against the rights of every American to have their vote count, the President’s base still supported him because of the booming economy.

The economy was the President’s only pilar of strength. He gloated to the media how the employment rates were up and the stock market booming because of his administration. Those who were smart knew that his only interests were to line the pockets of special interest goups that supported his cause and support corporations that directly benefited his own financial interests. The economy was booming until February 20, 2020, when the grim news of the COVID-19 was announced. A pandemic swept the globe like the raging conflagration that consumed the east coast of Australia at the end of 2019. hit national news across the globe. AAPL and every other company plunged over the course of the following week. who informed viewers on national TV that he’d be working closely with the President’s council to end the trial rapidly in his fa

life has been far from normal in the age of technology, where news, most often false news, travels at the speed of light across the world. Most of us take for granted our ability to connect ourselves to anyone at any point in time from a device that fits easily in our back pocket. The same device is paving the way to our eventual extinction, filling our heads with conspiracy, misinformation, and fear.

The White House downplayed COVID-19 as just another virus like the common flu, that was not serious and under control. The queue here, is that in most instances, there is seldom talk on the news about deaths by flu, said to exceed those presently caused by the COVID-19 strain, said to have originated in Wuhan, China through the selling of wild and exotic animals; animals that contained the virus.

I returned from Hawaii, crammed next to a young Chinese man wearing a mask and playing games on his oversized smart phone, thinking nothing of the virus. It was March 2, 2020. I had spent the last two months walking and biking across the filthy city of Honolulu, while the virus was rapidly spreading through China and apparently on the mainland.

Without tainting this blog too much with the unwanted poison of politics

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