Arizona Trail (AZT)

I was first introduced to the thought of hiking the AZT a few years back, while following one of many avid long distance hikers on Facebook. One year, this individual, who had hiked the PCT in its entirety, followed by several successive years of long sections starting from Mexico, while providing water reports and beta on his Facebook page. One early spring , he began sharing photos of the beautiful and diverse desert landscape of the AZT. They reminded me of my annual visits to Moab, Utah, central to vast mesas that descended to the deep gorges carved through the ancient dune strata preserved in such ubiquitous formations as the red Entrada sandstone and buff cross-beds of the Navajo, that I gazed upon in monolithic walls of goosenecks formed by an equilibrated fluvial system. I had only briefly visited Arizona on a few occasions during which the heat was suffocating. I had taken a quick flight to Phoenix in late spring around 2007 for a clandestine interview with a prospective environmental company. You could see the heat rise in waves off the tarmack